Gift vouchers

Do you want to give as a gift a beautiful picture/poster and you do not know which photo from our wide selection to choose? Which one will your donne like? Buy a gift voucher and let the choice to the donee.

Now we sell gift vouchers that you can give to your business partners, friends, relatives, etc. Gift vouchers can be used on any products and services of our photobank. Mostly they are used for printing pictures, posters of our or your photos.

How it works?

After purchasing a gift voucher, we will send you the voucher with a special code via email. The donee can use the code for any purchase, during registration, or on your account on the page "My Vouchers". The amount of the voucher will be credited to his account as a credit. The credit can be used for any of our product or service.

Or donee can enter the code when ordering. The amount of the voucher will be deducted of the price. (If the cost of purchase is less than the voucher, the excess of the voucher is credited as a credit. If the price of the order is higher than the voucher, the client will pay the rest.)

The validity of the voucher is one year (date is printed on the voucher).

How can I use the gift voucher?

and all other services that we provide on Fotky&Foto

Purchase a voucher in the value of s DPH
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